2020 Natural Disasters Highlight OEMs’ Need for Business Continuity

By Logan Wamsley

2020 will be notable for many things, the most obvious one being the COVID-19 pandemic. Also notable, however, is the record number of natural disasters that have come to define this unusual year. Wildfires on the west coast of the U.S., for example, have devastated over 4.1 million acres this year, while countries in Asia have continued to experience some of the most severe floods seen in decades.

2020 has also seen a significant rise in hurricanes; in the Atlantic, for example, this year has produced more named storms by this point in the season than any year on record. A staggering 27 named storms have developed so far, forcing the meteorologists naming them to dip into the Greek alphabet for only the second time on record. As each new threat materializes, it only becomes clearer that natural disasters are a very real risk worth accounting for, and business leaders need to understand that underestimating them could have disastrous effects on their supply chains.

Compounding the issue is the current trend toward the use of more sensitive electronics. As designs continue to demand smaller dimensions along with increased power, many OEMs have opted to incorporate ASICs into their builds. Unfortunately, this requires the manufacturer to also have a detailed storage plan that include rigorous climate controls to protect against moisture. The dry cabinets alone necessary for such control are a costly investment, and one that might be out of reach without aid.

The new realities demanded by both competitive market demand and the ever-present threat of unexpected natural disasters are creating a “perfect storm” of variables that necessitate OEMs finding guaranteed business continuity in the form of adequate, secure storage for their sensitive electronic inventory at an affordable price.

Partstat’s Semiconductor Storage Solution is one such option. For even the most sensitive and irreplaceable electronic inventory, Partstat offers customers access to the world’s only custom storage vault uniquely designed for electronic component storage. Located in Orlando, Florida, the vault features Fire Rated Class 350 Certification, a clean agent fire suppression system, magnetic shielding, ESD protection, and has even been Zone IV Seismic Rated to withstand earthquakes. Against fire, flood, hurricanes, or any other natural disaster, the custom storage vault is the electronics manufacturing market’s only option for true guaranteed business continuity.

Housed within the vault are Partstat’s desiccant dry cabinets, which are specifically designed for long-term die and wafer banking with best-in-class recovery times. By using zeolite MSL regulation as opposed to the industry-standard nitrogen, our trained handlers can safely prepare customer inventory for assembly up to an industry-leading 10-12 times per hour.

As 2020 comes to a close, now is the time to start rethinking what needs to change in the coming years to maintain business continuity. No one knows what the next year may bring for OEMs, but in any scenario, secure storage of sensitive electronic inventory against natural disasters should not be overlooked.