Four Reasons Why OEMs Need Guaranteed Business Continuity

By Logan Wamsley

No two electronic component or semiconductor types are exactly alike, and as a result, no two types will have identical storage needs. For some components, simple, secure, climate-controlled storage will suffice to meet long-term production schedules, while other pieces of inventory, such as raw die and wafer necessary for the assembly of ASICs, require the use of highly specialized equipment to regulate humidity.

Other components, meanwhile, even those relatively standard in construction, have unique conditions that necessitate the use of more sophisticated storage strategies, strategies that may be beyond the reach of the average equipment manufacturer. In fact, acquiring the sufficient storage equipment can be so substantial and costly, it can only be found at a storage solution provider such as Partstat.

As a storage solution provider for OEMs and EMS companies, Partstat’s capabilities are unmatched. In addition to climate-controlled warehousing for generic components, Partstat also offers customers the use of a one-of-a-kind custom storage vault that offers a variety of unique features such as a clean agent fire suppression system, a Zone IV seismic rating to protect against earthquakes, Fire Rated Class 350 certification, magnetic shielding and ESD Protection, and even a 1,100 lb. vault door. In total, these features can protect even the most sensitive electronic inventory against every risk known and offer the industry’s only storage solution that features guaranteed business continuity.

Although the extreme lengths that the custom storage vault goes for secure storage are unprecedented and unique, it is true that this may not be the ideal solution for every component needed to complete an OEM product. Every situation is different, and Partstat, in conjunction with the customer, will tailor a storage solution to best meet their needs. Having said that, the following are just a few circumstances in which such protection, and guaranteed businesses continuity, is necessary:

1. Irreplaceable Electronic Inventory

Some electronic inventory is so inherently valuable that the financial consequences of losing it are substantial enough that it is simply not worth the risk of using any form of storage except the most secure options available. This includes particularly irreplaceable end-of-life and obsolete inventory that, should its integrity be compromised, threaten the OEM’s ability to complete its production schedule. Such a scenario is particularly common in sectors such as healthcare where product lifecycles can extend well over 20 years.

2. Component or Semiconductor Sensitivity

Some electronic inventory is so sensitive to environmental variables that even secure climate-controlled storage is not sufficient to ensure that it will maintain optimal performance at the point of assembly. Extreme sensitivity to moisture and electrostatic discharge, for example, may necessitate the use of the most robust protection available.

3. Geopolitical Threats

While this may be a worst-case scenario, as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, no risk is too small to not be considered when securing an OEM supply chain. Should a particular region or area experience an event or catastrophe that threatens its geopolitical stability, an OEM located there may wish to minimize their exposure to risk as much as possible. Should this be the case, guaranteed business continuity is the only path forward — and only one storage option provides it.

4. Susceptibility to Climate-Related Events

Every storage location on Earth comes with its own unique environmental risks. Some areas are more susceptible to floods, while others regularly experience wildfires, severe lightning storms, or even extreme humidity. This puts OEMs in a difficult position where each long-term storage decision requires a lengthy risk analysis that indicates how likely such an event is going to occur — and in turn, how secure their inventory might truly be. A long-term storage option that offers guaranteed business continuity behind a 1,100 lb. vault door significantly simplifies this process and leaves the customer with unparalleled peace of mind.