Three Things to Remember Choosing an Inventory Storage Partner

By Logan Wamsley

Choosing an inventory storage partner can be complicated and, if mishandled, costly. In our experience in the industry, however, we believe there are a few basic principles potential customers should keep in mind, whether it is trusting us with your inventory or choosing another partner.

Below are a few of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a partner to trust with your critical inventory:

1. Infrastructure

A manufacturer must have peace-of-mind that their inventory is safe and secure, and this requires addressing two main concerns. The first is the issue of externalities. There are a nearly infinite number of external variables at play that can impact the integrity of inventory. Natural disasters, moisture, even theft are all play when discussing inventory integrity. What procedures and features does the potential inventory storage partner offer to mitigate these concerns?

The second issue is how specialized the infrastructure is. Certain critical pieces of inventory, such as raw die and wafer used to create AISICs, for example, require the use of sophisticated dry cabinets that strictly regulate temperature and humidity. Additionally, inventory handlers must use proper procedures and equipment such as gloves, outerwear, and ground bracelets that adhere to baseline ESD and SML protocols to mitigate static electricity. Not all inventory is designed the same, and the more sophisticated it may be, the more specialized the storage provider must be. Take every effort to ensure the partner understands the unique specifications you need from them to ensure the integrity of your supply chain, and that their capabilities meet or even exceed your desired expectations.

2. Shipping and Fulfillment

When the time comes to receive the inventory, the storage partner must be equally versed in industry best practices for picking, packing and shipping to ensure optimal functionality is maintained. Otherwise, even if the storage infrastructure is compromised, significant amounts of your company’s investments can be compromised in an instant.

Also, it is important to recognize just how extensive their fulfillment network might be. Some storage providers may not be equipped to navigate complex international customers’ procedures. Ask the storage provider upfront if they are willing and capable of getting the inventory where you need it, when you need it, and if possible ask for specific examples of needs met by their clients in the past. Past success is always a very good indicator of future results.

3. Cost vs. Quality

Every company wants the most value for their dollar. But in making decisions such as choosing an inventory storage partner, it important to remember that the ratio between cost and quality should not be skewed too heavily one way or the other. The least expensive storage option may not necessarily be sufficient for the type of inventory in play, but at the same time the most advanced storage infrastructures such as those found in Partstat’s Custom Vault Storage Solution may be “overkill” to meet your needs. A storage Partner must realize and understand the needs of their customers, and provide a solution that puts the customer first. When more advanced steps may be necessary, the partner should be able to make recommendations, but they should be based on what individual needs are rather than what will provide them with the most revenue.

Over a 30-year span, Partstat has earned the valuable trust of the some of largest and most respected companies in the world including Honeywell, GE, Toshiba, IBM, and many more. We have earned our reputation not just through our state-of-the-art offerings, but through our commitment to those who trust us with the integrity of their supply chain. We do not take this trust for granted, and we look forward to earning yours. Contact us today to see what Partstat can do to meet your inventory storage needs.