Partstat Custom Vault Storage FAQ for Critical Electronic Inventory

By Logan Wamsley

When asked what makes Partstat unique in the supply chain market, one of the first things we point to is our Custom Storage Vault. It is a feature we are incredibly proud of, and has come to define so much of what Partstat stands for in regards to innovation and the customer experience.

To help potential customers determine if Custom Vault Storage is appropriate for their needs, we have compiled a brief list of some of the most common questions we receive:

How did the idea for the vault come about?

Conceived by Partstat President and CEO Dennis Menefee, our vault was the answer to an inherent market need he saw in the industry. Certain electronic components, semiconductors, and other materials have so much inherent value to the OEM that, in the event an unexpected disruption occurs that compromises the inventory’s integrity, the financial fallout could be devastating. Innovations have been introduced in the industry to address some of these concerns, but none offered OEMs the peace of mind associated with true guaranteed business continuity. This is what our vault offers, and the market response it has received has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Is all of the inventory stored through Partstat placed in the vault?

Ultimately this will be determined by the customer (only the customer, at the end of the day, knows for sure what inventory is irreplaceable or not). Having said that, each electronic component comes with its own unique storage specifications, and not all of them require the level of protection that our Custom Storage Vault offers. In some cases, secure, climate-controlled storage handled by a team of certified professionals is more than sufficient. Early on in the process, our team will be sure that we understand the specific needs of the customer’s inventory, and will make recommendations on how to proceed based on our knowledge and experience.

What makes this offering different from similar electronic inventory storage services?

First off, the Partstat Custom Storage Vault is the only structure of its kind in the supply chain industry, and the only electronic inventory storage service that offers 100 percent guaranteed business continuity against any form of disruption known. This includes fire, flood, earthquake, electrostatic discharge, magnetic interference, and even political instability. All electronic inventory is critical to maintain the lifecycle of a product, but not all electronic inventory is replaceable should the unthinkable occur. For critical inventory that is either priceless or incredibly sensitive to environmental contamination, long-term storage in the Partstat Custom Storage Vault is the supply chain market’s only answer.

What is the vault constructed of?

The Partstat Custom Storage Vault has a unique Seismic-IV rated, custom steel panel design rated “Best in Class” for electronic component and raw material storage, and has been tested to have a strength three times that of a normal building. At the front of the vault is a 1,100 lb. vault door — the same door, in fact, used for security by organizations such as AT&T, Walt Disney Imagineering, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Air Force.

Are there any limits regarding the quantity of inventory that can go in the vault?

Actually, no, there are no limits! One of the most interesting features of our vault is its modular design; by constructing the vault out of panels capable of being moved and reconfigured, we can customize the size and shape for our customers to meet even the most stringent inventory storage needs.

What kind of fire protection does the vault offer?

Our vault also has a variety of features specifically designed to eliminate any inventory risk associated with fire. As a Fire Rated Class 350-certified structure fitted with state-of-the-art ceramic paneling, it has been tested to withstand temperatures well above 2,000°F for over five hours. As the fire rages outside, the interior of the chamber will still maintain a proper temperature and humidity suitable for even the most sensitive electronic components. Should a fire occur on the inside, your inventory is equally secure. Instead of using automated sprinkler systems — which would eliminate the threat but at the cost of our customers’ critical components — our vault will automatically trigger a chemical suppression system that leaves moisture-sensitive inventory completely unharmed.

To see how the materials used in the vault’s construction handle heat firsthand, click here to watch a neat video.

Are there any term limits associated with vault storage?

Nope! As part of our Critical Inventory Storage Solution, there are no term limits associated with custom vault construction. No matter how long your inventory needed securely stored, we can help.

How much does custom vault storage cost?

Due to the variety of factors at play (the term length, the type of inventory, handling procedures, etc.), it is difficult to give a set hypothetical price for our Custom Storage Vault solution. We can say, however, that virtually all of our Critical Inventory Solution customers have realized significant savings regarding average annual inventory carrying costs. To quickly receive a quote and see how much you could save, just send us an email at, and one of our supply chain specialists will be in touch!