GE Capitalizes on Partstat’s ASIC Storage Capabilities in Last Time Buy

By Logan Wamsley

In their search for a supply chain partner capable of storing, handling, and fulfilling ASICs for use in life-saving healthcare products, GE found exactly what they needed at Partstat.

In March 2018, Partstat initiated a last time buy on behalf of GE with STMicroelectronics, Europe’s largest chip maker based on revenue, for over 35,000 ASICs. This LTB inventory will now be safely stored within Partstat’s state-of-the-art vault chamber and distributed on a GE-approved schedule over a 10-year period.

The benefits of this partnership are already being realized. As a direct result of Partstat’s offerings, GE was able to extend the life cycle of their product by an additional 10 years.

GE is far from alone in adopting the use of ASICs. ASICs are rapidly becoming a commonplace fixture in supply chains across the globe. OEMs are quickly discovering, however, that the advantages such components provide their products – such as small size, increased efficiency, and drastically improved performance – do not come without challenges of their own.

Chief among these challenges is discovering a comprehensive, cost-effective, long-term storage solution that ensures the ASICs will function as intended, for as long as intended, at the time of assembly.

Partstat has risen to meet this challenge by offering customers a new innovation called SmartDRY™ technology. Designed specifically to store materials with low Moisture Sensitivity Levels (MSL), these desiccant ECD dry cabinets use zeolite (as opposed to industry-standard nitrogen) to intelligently maintain a relative humidity of 0.5 percent – far below the IPC standard.

As an added security measure to aid in business continuity, all of these cabinets are also stored in Partstat’s one-of-a-kind vault chamber which features Fire Rated Class 350 Certification, ceramic panel construction rated “best in class” for electronic component storage, a clean agent fire suppression system, and full magnetic field protection.

Each of these features played a part in GE’s decision to trust their ASICs to Partstat, and we are honored to play such a vital role in their supply chain.