Partstat Introduces Industry-Leading Die and Wafer Banking Solution

By Logan Wamsley

Pictured: Partstat CEO Dennis Menefee and Executive Vice President Mitch Bonett

Partstat has officially announced new die and wafer banking capabilities for their customers around the world.

While banking raw wafer and die has become a valuable option for OEMs who wish to ensure the lifecycle of their products against component obsolescence and other supply chain disruptions, the cost of entry for the necessary equipment has prevented many from adopting them.

By banking through Partstat, OEMs can now incorporate the many benefits of die and wafer, including the use of ASICs with smaller footprints and greater processing power, into their supply chains without the investment of working capital.

Going a step further, Partstat has also taken the extra step of offering not just a standard die and banking service, but a wealth of the most advanced technologies available for storing moisture-sensitive electronic components multiple years. Each desiccant ECD dry cabinet, for example, is infused with SmartDRY™ technology, which is capable of intelligently maintaining a relative humidity of 0.5 percent.

SmartDRY™ also allows for a recovery time of under three minutes, which allows Partstat trained specialists to access, handle, and prepare customer inventory for assembly up to an industry-leading 10-12 times per hour. Such a drastic decrease in recovery time is made possible through use of a naturally-occurring, clay-like, volcanic compound called zeolite that exhibits humidity control qualities far superior to nitrogen. Nitrogen has long been the industry standard for die and wafer banking but can only maintain 6-10 percent relative humidity with a 10-12 minute recovery time.

Even more impressive, all Partstat cabinets are built using innovative conductive powder paint surface over steel construction, which is designed to eliminate the risks associated with electrostatic discharge. This, combined with their placement within Partstat’s custom storage vault, renders our customers’ last time buy inventory immune to all elements of supply chain risk including floods, earthquakes, and magnetic interference.

Space for die and wafer banking is available immediately. To learn more about our storage solutions and how much you could save, click here or contact one of our supply chain strategists at