Partstat Completes Construction of Custom Storage Vault

By Logan Wamsley

Pictured: Partstat CEO Dennis Menefee and Executive Vice President Mitch Bonett

After an extensive planning and construction process, Partstat is officially declaring its custom storage vault completed and ready for business.

As the latest addition to Partstat’s last time buy and storage offerings, this structure initially conceived by Partstat CEO Dennis Menefee as the answer to an inherent market need for guaranteed business continuity throughout even the longest OEM product life cycles.

“Business continuity, of course, is the goal of any supply chain,” says Menefee, “but the supply chain industry we operate in has yet to explicitly address the increasing demand for it. In this respect, our vault is really the first innovation of its kind that cannot just imply business continuity regarding our customers’ last time buy inventory, but explicitly guarantee it.”

The vault accomplishes this by offering a fully-realized safeguard against every disruption known. This includes a unique structural steel design that renders it safe from natural disasters, spun ceramic insulation tested to withstand exterior temperatures over 2,000 degrees, patented shielding against magnetic interference, and a 1,100 lb. vault door trusted by enterprises such as the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Air Force.

To accommodate the rapid adoption of ASICs into OEM product designs, Partstat has also placed desiccant ECD dry cabinets within the vault. Equipped with SmartDry™ technology, these cabinets provide industry-leading storage for moisture-sensitive electronic inventory such as raw wafer and die.

Taken together, these features have helped Partstat earn a “best in class” rating for electronic component and raw materials storage by Rockwell Automation.

“[The] facility is clean, well-lit, and appropriate for electronic component storage,” writes Rockwell. “Temperature and humidity are monitored throughout [the] warehouse and will alarm if outside of acceptable limits.”

Partstat is already seeing substantial interest in their latest innovation, and due to the vault’s modular construction, it is capable of expanding to accommodate as many customers, and as much of their critical inventory, as requested. Based on the feedback received from inquiries, Menefee expects capacity within the vault in its current state to reach that point sooner rather than later.

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