Are You Prepared to Store Electronic Inventory Long Term?

By Logan Wamsley

The inventory list for OEM products is more varied than at any point in history. Electronic inventory, for example, with the market’s continued emphasis on miniaturization, performance, and energy efficiency has gone through a drastic evolution that has necessitated the use of specialized storage strategies. Where basic climate-controlled warehousing infrastructure would once suffice, now strict climate regulation and handling processes are needed to properly store electronic inventory.

And too often, the ability to implement such processes to store electronic inventory is far outside of what equipment manufacturers and their supply chain partners are capable of — at least not without significant financial investment that requires sacrificing large swaths of upfront working capital.

Facing these new realities, Partstat has designed its inventory ownership solutions with the needs of today’s manufacturers in mind. Specifically, Partstat has the ability to purchase electronic inventory on a customer’s behalf, allowing the customer to maintain their working capital and open cash flow as they gradually pay for the inventory over term windows up to 10+ years. For the entire length of the term, Partstat will also store electronic inventory and fulfill it, regardless of type or quantity, in accordance with both ISO 9001-certified standards and the inventory’s unique handling specifications, to protect the manufacturer’s downstream revenues.

This is ideal for virtually any kind of supply chain structure, including ones built on a “Just-in-Time” delivery model. When the inventory is needed, Partstat will immediately pick, pack, and ship the desired quantities anywhere in the world while handling all associated fees (administration fees, insurance, taxes, carrying costs, etc). Not only does this give manufacturers access to the most advanced storage and fulfillment infrastructure available, but it also has been proven to save customers an average of 42% in annual inventory carrying costs.

Partstat can store electronic inventory in climate-controlled warehouses, the Partstat Vault, or in Partstat Dry Cabinets, dependent upon the specific needs of the inventory. To discuss which option is right for your supply chain, contact us today!