PEI-Genesis Sponsors Project to Provide Healthcare Supplies to The Isle of Wright

By Logan Wamsley

PEI-Genesis, a leading distributor of custom-engineered connectors and cable solutions, has recently partnered with Windracers and the University of Southampton to promote the Windracers ULTRA (unmanned low-cost transport aircraft) project. The goal of this project is to utilize UK’s largest civilian unmanned aircraft, which is capable of carrying 100 kg of supplies up to 621 miles, to deliver crucial National Health Services (NHS) supplies to the Isle of Wright.

Located just southeast of England and home to nearly 150,000 people, the island has seen ferry crossings significantly hampered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, straining supply lines and threatening the well-being of its population. Once fully implemented, the drone will be able to make the trip in only ten minutes, twice as fast as an average ferry crossing.

To provide protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, PEI-Genesis has provided the drone with an Amphe-Lite D38999 connector, which features electroless nickel plating and a 360-degree grounding system that provides up to 50dBs of noise suppression over a frequency range of 100Mhz to 10GHz. As a result, the drone will be able to accurately and reliably transmit its GPS location and critical instrument data back to the controller as it makes deliveries.

“We partnered with Windracers and the research team at Southampton University because we felt our experience in the aerospace and military sectors can add value to this UAV project,” explained Daniel Cross, area sales manager at PEI-Genesis. “Not only will the Amphe-Lite connector help in delivering vital supplies to the NHS during this difficult time, it’s extreme performance will be vital in the future when the ULTRA UAV is deployed to deliver aid to humanitarian projects around the world.”