Partstat Partner Newswire: May 2020

By Logan Wamsley

Mouser Named Distributor of the Year by Neutrik USA

Mouser Electronics has been honored by Neutrik USA, the leading provider of professional audio, video, and lighting connector systems, with three top awards for 2019 performance. Neutrik USA presented Mouser with the Distributor of the Year award, the Top Revenue award, and Outstanding Performance of the Year award. Additionally, Neutrik named Mouser’s Ryan Virostek as Supplier Manager of the Year.

“Neutrik is pleased to present Mouser with these well-deserved awards, which recognize the team’s key role in contributing to the strong growth of Neutrik’s distribution reach,” said Tom Chudyk, Sales Director for Neutrik USA. “We appreciate the successful partnership we have with Mouser.”

“We are truly honored to receive these three top awards from Neutrik,” said Krystal Jackson, Mouser Vice President of Supplier Management. “Mouser is committed to providing best-in-class service to our customers, as well as our suppliers. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Neutrik.”

TTI Commits to Remaining Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

TTI, Inc. says despite the current pandemic, it will remain open following the guidelines mandated by local and federal governments. This will be done while implementing a variety of precautions to ensure employees’ health.

Don Akery, President, TTI Americas, said that the Americas Distribution Center in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as warehouses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia are fully operational.

“We are receiving incoming shipments from our suppliers and sending shipments out to customers. Our leadership team is monitoring the COVID19 coronavirus outbreak and its potential impacts on the industry,” Akery said in a press release.

To ensure employees’ safety, additional preventive measures have been put in place including site visit and entry restrictions, as well as staggered staffing schedules to stop the potential spread of the disease.

Future Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Future Electronics has announced that Omar Baig has been chosen to be their next Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

Hired by Future Electronics in 2002, Baig began working as an account executive in the company’s global headquarters. In 2017, Omar was promoted to Executive Vice-President Worldwide, Sales and Marketing.

“Omar possesses a keen attention to detail. He leads by example with his can-do attitude, outstanding sense of urgency and big heart. I have great confidence that he will continue to represent Future Electronics with pride, professionalism and enthusiasm,” said Robert Miller, President and Founder of Future Electronics, in a press release.

“I am thrilled with the opportunity to continue working alongside Robert Miller and the rest of the Future team to help lead our company to new levels of success,” said Baig.

Arrow Electronics Releases Integrated Bi-Directional Power Converter Solution

Arrow Electronics has launched an integrated bi-directional power converter solution for equipping electric vehicles (EVs) with a mobile energy charger. Unlike a standard charger, this solution is capable of both storing electricity and contributing excessive energy to power homes and network grids. According to Business Insider, this solution will help smooth momentary spikes in electricity demand, capitalize on untapped energy sources during battery idle period, and promote a more sustainable and energy-efficient development of smart cities.

According to the International Energy Agency, there will be 125 million EVs on the world’s highways by 2030. As EV adoption continues to increase, there is growing concern about the operation of current energy grid infrastructures. With the bidirectional converter, EVs can be used to supply electricity to a house or a building, which can help reduce pressure on the national supply grid.

“We are excited to introduce the integrated power converter solution for enabling automotive providers to streamline and accelerate the design cycle of onboard bi-directional chargers for applications such as EVs, uninterruptible power supplies, and solar systems,” said Jacky Wan, vice president of engineering at Arrow. “As one of the world’s leading technology solutions providers, Arrow continues to provide first-class engineering capability and drive sustainable energy innovation that brings environmental and economic benefits.”