Partstat FAQ for OCMs

By Logan Wamsley

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) are not the only entities who benefit from the many solutions offered by Partstat. Component manufacturers also are poised to see a significant improvement in not only their own processes, but in their relationships with OEM and CM customers. To help illustrate this, we have compiled a brief list of frequently asked questions we’ve received from component manufacturers on how we could benefit their businesses:

1. How can an EOL Last Time Buy Solution benefit us?

The EOL Last Time Buy Solution incentivizes OEMs to make last time buys, allowing them to support the full lifecycle of their products without any of the disruptions typically associated with obsolescence. By extension, this allows component manufacturers to make a significantly smoother transition from EOL components to newer, more profitable components without damaging long-standing customer relationships. Plus, with Partstat’s EOL Last Time Solution, the component manufacturer will receive full, immediate payment for the entire order.

2. Are there any limits to the size of the last time buy?

No, our solution can and has been used to make purchases supporting lifecycles of 20+ years. In comparison, the solutions from authorized resellers max out at only 18-24 months. There are also no limits in terms of price or quantity. OEM customers will be able to make a last time buy that meets their needs without any compromise, and by extension, the OCM will receive immediate payment no matter the size of the order.

3. How do I get an OEM customer to utilize an EOL Last Time Buy Solution?

Just let them know about us and have them reach out to one of our specialists. We’ll take care of the rest!

4. Can we sell our inventory on Partstat?

Yes! Increasing numbers of manufacturers are moving to a “sell direct” model. We are glad to show your inventory on our platform. We can even link directly to your shopping carts on your website for a complete “sell direct” experience. More information about our free sourcing tool can be found here.

5. What benefits can we see by utilizing the Partstat API?

Integrating the Partstat API makes component manufacturers’ platforms more intelligent while enhancing the customer experience on their websites. For example, our API gives customers invaluable information such as authorized distributor quantities, pricing, and lead times on any electronic component searched, as well as any data sheets and part statistics available. This information can be viewed in trending chart format, as seen in the example image below: