Partstat Attends DMSMS 2019: Here’s What We Learned

By Logan Wamsley

As 2020 comes to a close, Partstat was proud to attend the 2019 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)/Parts Obsolescence Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves in person to the thousands of attendees who deal with the reality of obsolescence and allocation disruption on a daily basis.

Many of the visitors to our booth were already long-standing Partstat customers, but hundreds more were introduced to our various solutions and our status as the industry’s definitive electronic component lifecycle platform.

And, of course, we couldn’t help but stop by a few of our fellow exhibitors’ own incredible displays!



Our Partstat team had quite the story to tell. OEMs and contract manufacturers were amazed with how our platform manages the full lifecycle of OEM products from inventory procurement to discontinuation, and how each is fueled by the power of Big Data. Instead of simply offering a single product or service, Partstat offers customers the possibility of a production experience entirely free from disruption:

A New Kind of BOM Monitoring

It all starts with BOM Monitoring, which is the only service of its kind that uses Big Data to accurately monitor and predict obsolescence and allocation issues before they occur. The response we received was overwhelming. We raised many an eyebrow after they heard how component lifecycle statuses are confirmed in real time by a team of BOM Specialists, and attendees were amazed that with our tool, customers can adjust their supply weeks or even months before a disruption occurs. “Wow, that’s new” seemed to be a common response we heard!

Revolutionary Last Time Buy Solutions

We also took the time to introduce new customers to our Last Time Buy Solution, which represents the next logical step in an OEM product’s lifecycle. Regardless of industry, last time buys are an issue that everyone understands, and without fail, visitors to our booth were shocked by our ability to turn this common sticking point into a seamless process.

Not only can we purchase up to 20+ years of electronic inventory on the customer’s behalf using our own capital, but we even store it in our industry-leading infrastructure for as long as the OEM product’s lifecycle demands. The applications are nearly endless, and it didn’t take long for visitors to realize that they could now support products with over 20-year lifecycles without any strain on their capital. To many, this was unheard of in the industry and a shining example of the next evolution of the modern supply chain.

Semiconductor Vault Storage with Die and Wafer Banking Capabilities

We had a few conversations with OEMs who required more specialized storage services to support their products, and even here, Partstat managed to surprise them with our Semiconductor Vault Storage Solution. This service offers the industry’s only Custom Storage Vault specifically designed to store the most sensitive critical electronic components and semiconductors. Booth visitors were used to hearing about business continuity, but our solution, they claimed, was the only one at the show that could guarantee it. We’re very proud of that.

We also saw how ASICs as well as die and wafer are rapidly becoming part of the technological landscape, and we heard time and again how many companies are struggling to implement the necessary infrastructure to properly house them. This presented a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about our die and wafer banking capabilities, which use the latest desiccant dry cabinet technology to store inventory at humidity levels below 0.5 percent and allow for a recovery time of less than three minutes. There are even several companies who now create die and wafer for component manufacturers, who indicated to us that there is now a massive need for solutions like ours capable of storing raw die and wafer before it’s programmed for a specific build.

In this regard, Partstat is well-positioned to play a vital role in the development of the modern supply chain.

2020 and Beyond

DMSMS presented a wonderful opportunity for us to tell the world about our unique, innovative, all-encompassing solutions, but we are far from done. We never stop moving, and as 2020 approaches we plan on continuing to spread the word about how Partstat can help today’s manufacturer as the industry’s only electronic component lifecycle platform.

If you missed us, don’t worry; we plan on attending many more events such as this one. Look out for updates on where you can see us next, and don’t be afraid to come say hi!