Partstat Wants to Purchase Last Time Buy Inventory For You

By Logan Wamsley

A lot of the solutions we offer at Partstat revolve around building a better mousetrap. We created the best BOM Monitoring Solution on the market, we found a way to warehouse and fulfill critical electronic inventory better and more cost-effectively than most OEMs consider possible, and we have even discovered how to leverage our Big Data platform Partstat to help sell customers’ excess inventory on the open market at maximum market value.

Our Last Time Buy Solution is different. Instead of building a better mousetrap, you can say with this solution we built an entirely new type of machine — one that is truly one-of-a-kind in the supply chain industry.

What makes our Last Time Buy Solution so unique? In short, we will purchase up to 10 years of last time buy inventory on your behalf, using our own capital.

At first glance, this statement sounds too good to be true, and OEMs have every right to be skeptical of such a claim. But there is no fine print to read. Regardless of the type of last time buy inventory, regardless of its value or quantity, regardless of how sensitive the inventory or how difficult it is to safely store, Partstat will proudly put up our own capital to help you acquire it.

We introduced this idea to fulfill a growing need in the manufacturing industry. As last time buys are becoming more prevalent due to shortening component and semiconductor life cycles, OEMs are finding themselves increasingly strapped for on-hand working capital. This is the capital that is most commonly used to invest in new products, new markets, new infrastructure, and new skilled employees; without it, OEMs become stagnant, caught in a hyper-competitive marketplace where not growing is the equivalent of regressing.

Our Last Time Buy Solution is designed to give OEMs an option to budget payments for last time buy inventory that may not be needed for three, five, seven, or even 10 years. This represents multiple years of working capital that stays on our customers’ books, not tied up in critical inventory representing revenue that won’t be realized until the OEM product approaches the end of its life cycle.

Cost is of absolutely no concern. $100,000 of critical inventory? We can do it. $1 million? Sure. $20 million? Absolutely, and we will fulfill it anywhere in the world in accordance with a personalized delivery schedule set by you.

It’s also worth mentioning that in addition to preserved working capital, all customers who enroll in our Last Time Buy Solution also take advantage of Partstat’s ISO:9001-certified storage facilities, including a custom storage vault rated “best in class” for electronic component storage. For moisture-sensitive ASICs, we even have desiccant Partstat Dry Cabinets equipped with SmartDRY™ technology, which has been proven to maintain a relative humidity of 0.5 percent — a feat unmatched in the world of die and wafer banking.

And the best part? Our storage facilities have been proven to save Last Time Buy Solution customers an average of 42 percent in annual inventory carrying costs. Not only do you receive the best storage capabilities the supply chain industry can offer, not only do you preserve up to 10 years of working capital, but you save money doing it!

What could your company do with 10 years of preserved working capital? Let us know in the comments below!