Partstat Last Time Buy Solution FAQ

By Logan Wamsley

There is little doubt that our Last Time Buy Solution is one-of-a-kind in the electronics manufacturing industry, and as a result of this, we receive a lot of questions regarding how it works exactly. What is it? What makes it unique? What limitations does it have? To help alleviate these concerns, we have compiled a list of a few of the most common questions we receive.

This list is detailed, but it is by no means exhaustive. If we don’t address your question here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at, and we will be happy to speak with you!

What exactly is included in the Last Time Buy Solution?

Essentially, a Partstat Last Time Buy Solution can be summed up with three key terms: purchase, storage, and fulfillment. Once a customer enrolls in our program, Partstat will immediately purchase, in a single transaction, all of the inventory needed to maintain the integrity of their product’s lifecycle. This within itself has numerous benefits for the OEM customer, including safeguarding their product for any and all disruptions related to unexpected product obsolescence without spending any upfront working capital, as well as creating leverage needed to negotiate significant bulk purchase discounts. Once the inventory is in our possession, we will securely store it in our ISO-certified facilities until it is needed by the customer in accordance to a personalized delivery schedule. When that time comes, Partstat will handle all packing and shipping responsibilities to ensure that the inventory is received where the customer wants it, when the customer wants it. With obsolescence and allocation ever becoming a more prominent concern in the modern supply chain, a Partstat Last Time Buy Solution is the industry’s only offering that is guaranteed to eliminate such issues.

Do you really buy the inventory on the customer’s behalf? You buy it, not us?

This might be the most common question we receive from potential customers. Yes! Once a customer enrolls in our program, we will immediately reach out to the component manufacturer or authorized distributor to purchase all of the inventory needed in a single bulk transaction. What is unique about this is that we use our own capital; our customer does not have to pay a dime upfront, and can save their working capital for initiatives that should take greater priority such as new innovation, increased hiring, or investment in new infrastructure.

Are there any term limits regarding the Last Time Buy Solution?

No, there are no term limits in regards to how much inventory is needed or how long it needs to be stored! No matter the numbers, Partstat is fully prepared to purchase all of the inventory needed in a single order, as well as store and fulfill it in accordance with a personalized delivery schedule.

Is there a minimum quantity of inventory that must be fulfilled every month or quarter?

Yes, although the details of what this quantity is or how often it must be received by the customer vary depending on their needs. Remember, delivery schedules are personalized based on each individual customer, so each is different in its own way. Typically, we recommend that the customer “underestimate” how much inventory they require on a quarterly basis, because this gives the customer greater flexibility to adjust their fulfillment needs as they move further into their production run.

Is any company eligible for the program?

While we encourage any OEM to reach out to us regarding our last time buy solution, there are certain criteria that must be met. Upon inquiry, we will do a thorough review to be sure that your company qualifies!

Are there any restrictions regarding the type of inventory purchased?

Nope! Partstat proudly offers not only industry-leading ISO:9001 and AS9120-certified storage facilities, but the supply chain industry’s only custom storage vault capable of preserving the integrity of even the most sensitive electronic inventory from all known supply chain disruptions. Partstat even offers customers the use of our dry cabinets designed to bank raw die and wafer while maintaining a relative humidity below 0.5 percent! By using our specialized storage facilities over short-term onsite alternatives, customers who use our Last Time Buy Solution have proven to save an average of 42 percent in annual carrying costs!

Can you tell me how much I could save by using your Last Time Buy Solution?

We sure can! Click here and input your information into our calculator to see how much you could save in just annual inventory carrying costs!

What if we already own the last time buy inventory? Can we still realize some of the benefits of your solution?

Absolutely! If you have already purchased the LTB inventory, you can still take advantage of Partstat’s industry-leading storage and global fulfillment capabilities. This will ensure that your already-owned critical inventory will be securely warehoused in an environment designed specifically for long-term electronic component storage, and fulfilled anywhere in the world whenever it is needed.