Choosing the Right Supply Chain Partner for Die Banking

By Logan Wamsley

The use of die banking to support long-term OEM product lifecycles is becoming more commonplace by the day. Widespread concerns regarding the current state of the electronic component market is certainly one reason for this trend, but equally responsible is the education of OEM customers – who are quickly understanding how banking die and wafer in their raw form before product assembly can produce significant savings in inventory carrying costs. And in response to the growing market demand, many supply chain partners are now offering banking solutions for their customers to take advantage of.

But if the question of whether or not to incorporate die and wafer banking into your supply chain is no longer a debate, then the next step is to understand what makes each supply chain partner unique.

What, for example, makes the Partstat Die and Wafer Banking Solution so unique in the supply chain industry? Below are a few points to make your decision easier:

1. No Upfront Infrastructure Investments Required

Our die and wafer banking capabilities are not just a service for already owned die and wafer; through our Last Time Buy Solution, Partstat has the ability to purchase all the raw components required to support an OEM product upfront on our customer’s behalf – without sacrificing a dime of working capital. This approach to inventory sourcing also allows us to leverage our purchasing power to net our customers significant bulk purchase discounts that are unavailable any other way.

2. State-of-the-Art Die Banking Technology

SmartDRY™ die and wafer banking technology represents the current gold standard of what a supply chain partner can provide its customers. Designed specifically to store components with a low moisture sensitivity level (MSL), these zeolite-enriched desiccant dry cabinets are capable of intelligently maintaining a relative humidity of 0.5 percent — a feat that was once considered unobtainable.

Besides unparalleled humidity control, Partstat’s dry cabinets also possess a few other unique features. Utilizing a durable electrically conductive powder paint surface over steel construction, for example, this equipment is designed from the inside-out to prevent component degradation through electrostatic discharge.

Going even further, instead of customers coping with the standard 30-minute recovery time typical of similar offerings, SmartyDRY™ technology has reduced that window to only three minutes. As a result, wafers can be safely retrieved and prepped for assembly up to an industry-leading 12 times per hour.

3. Secure Vault Storage

Partstat’s dry cabinets are not the only unique benefit our Critical Inventory Solution provides. In addition to our dedicated staff with extensive training in the verification, shipping, inspection, and die and wafer packaging protocols, we have also placed all of our dry cabinets within our custom storage vault. A one-of-a-kind marvel of the manufacturing industry, this climate-controlled structure is capable of withstanding every form of catastrophe a supply chain disruption may take including fire, earthquake, flood, and magnetic interference. Considering the made-to-order nature of ASICs, we feel that no stone should be unturned to ensure that irreplaceable electronic inventory functions as intended no matter how late into the product life cycle it’s needed.