Wi-Fi Charging: A New Wireless Reality

By Dan Crippen


A lucky six participants were hooked up with household wireless charging systems in Seattle, Washington.  Now most people currently think of wireless charging as being through a pad or other specially-made surface that enables the transfer of electricity. One thing that dragged down the success of the special-surface innovation was that this was essentially just another charger that still restricted your use of the device while powering up. With this new innovation households will be able to turn their wi-fi routers into their universal chargers, constantly providing energy to their growing number of devices.

The difficulty with circulating this technology is not going to be the prevalence of routers though and instead will be the strict regulations that are placed on the specific type of transmissions that are taking place. At this time the FCC has restricted the amount of wattage that can be provided through broadcasting wi-fi to just 1 watt, but the inventors of this latest advancement are confident that providing restricted input will be sufficient to side-step the regulations.

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