Trade the Band-Aid for a Vault: Invest in Critical Inventory Storage Solutions

By Logan Wamsley

Hurricanes. Fires. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Flooding. Tsunamis. Oh my!

There is no stopping Mother Nature. Natural disasters are something that we are not able to avoid, but they are something we can prepare for. “According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017’s weather and climate-related disasters cost a record $306 billion in the United States alone,” says APICS.

Costs on this scale are simply earth-shattering, but they can be significantly mitigated. Preparation is imperative to adopt strategies for minimizing catastrophe on a personal level — and your company is no different.

It’s Not a Matter of If — but When

The key is supply chain management. Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. and the Business Continuity Institute explains that there has actually been a 29 percent increase in supply chain issues due to extreme weather since 2012.

Why such a drastic increase?

One probable explanation could be due to companies trying to save money. If there is a lack of capital, then management may be forced to reduce supply chain risk management. Organizations on a strict budget aren’t going to invest in non-operational processes designed to protect against low-probability disruptions, so as a cost-cutting measure, they opt to invest in only the bare minimum. It’s a Band-Aid that may cover a few nicks and bruises, but will be worthless in the face of a broken bone.

Most companies try to create long-term goals that will save them money, but they could be unaware that a minimal solution will lead to much higher expenses once the Band-Aid breaks. Sticking to a temporary solution on an abiding problem and calling it a day is inefficient, and doing so will create chaos when disaster strikes.

“Natural disasters in 2013 were ‘very concerning’ to only one in eight survey respondents. But by last year that share had risen to more than a quarter,” explains Forbes. As natural disasters continue to arise, you must be proactive in your approach to battle — and defeat — Mother Nature.

So, what’s your plan of action?

Certainty with Custom Vault Storage

With such a vital need in the market for critical inventory solutions, Partstat has been proactive in providing them. We offer the industry’s only self-sustaining vault specifically designed for long-term electronic component storage. This is the first storage solution able to protect against all forms of supply chain disruption.

Our vault is rated “Best in Class” for component and raw material storage. It holds Fired Rated Class 350 Certification, and has been tested to withstand temperatures well above 2,000°F for over five hours. The unique steel design is Zone IV Seismic Rated and has a structural strength three times that of a normal building, rendering it safe from even the most catastrophic natural phenomena.

Behind the 1,100 lb. vault door, the walls and ceilings are enhanced with magnetic shielding to protect against magnetic interference and electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can occur in anything from a common power surge to a lightning strike. And in the unlikely case of a fire, a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System created specifically to protect electronic components will release to eliminate the threat.

Relying upon short-term warehousing capabilities for business continuity is no longer adequate. The destruction of such critical inventory could result in the loss of millions of dollars in potential profits. Be secure in the unknown with a long-term critical storage solution featuring a vault that’s truly one of a kind.

To learn more about Partstat’s Critical Inventory Storage Solution and Custom Vault Storage, click here.