The Partstat Difference: Analytic Solutions for the Full Lifecycle of an OEM Product

By Logan Wamsley

Supply chain disruption would not be a particularly difficult issue to counter if it only took a single form. Predictable issues can be easily rectified, or prevented altogether if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) takes the necessary steps to proactively address the pain point. Unfortunately, this image of disruption is a dream that has no basis in reality; as the electronic component marketplace continues to expand and evolve at an unprecedented rate, so too do the forms supply chain disruption may take.

Knowing this, the only way to ensure the integrity of your supply chain is through solutions that cover all phases of the OEM product lifecycle. Each has its unique characteristics and risks, and Partstat offers its own unique, data-based solution for each:

1. BOM Monitoring

Securing your supply chain begins with knowing what critical electronic inventory will be needed, when it is needed. As component lifecycles continue to shrink against rising demand and extremely elongated lead times as extensive as 52 weeks, an OEM must keep up to date regarding if the inventory will continue to be available, if it is transitioning toward obsolescence, and if a last time buy is necessary.

At Partstat, we believe the best solution for this is one with deep roots in data analytics. For over a decade, we have been collecting data on electronic components and semiconductors. In fact, our Big Data consists of over 50 billion data points on over 25 million unique electronic components and semiconductors. This data, collected from thousands of manufacturers and authorized channel partners, in combination with our advanced algorithms, enables customers to easily price, monitor, predict, and confirm the lifecycle status of virtually any electronic component, semiconductor, or computer product in a real-time model.

2. Part Search

Once BOM Monitoring has determined the direction of your inventory procurement strategy moving forward, it is then time to make a purchase. This is where Partstat’s free Part Search solution comes into play.

With the help of our uploaders, who are thousands of component manufactures and authorized channel partners from around the world, Partstat is home to the world’s largest free online search engine for electronic components and semiconductors. This system allows our users to connect directly, without barriers or paywalls, with reputable sellers who reflect a mutual commitment to transparency and integrity. From an intuitive online dashboard available after a free registration, users can view up-to-date inventory quantities, view company profiles and applicable certifications, request and save quotes, submit RFQs, and much more.

3. Last Time Buys

At Partstat, we believe the most effective strategy against potential disruptions is to purchase all the inventory necessary to complete the product’s lifecycle upfront. Traditionally, however, such a strategy has proven virtually impossible given OEM limitations on on-hand working capital and in-house long-term storage capabilities.

Partstat changes this forever by offering qualifying users a unique, comprehensive Last Time Buy Solution that not only allows them to purchase five, 10, or even 20-plus years’ worth of inventory in a single transaction, but also have it stored in Partstat’s renowned climate-controlled facilities.

4. Semiconductor Vault Storage

For particularly irreplaceable electronic components, Partstat offers the industry’s only custom storage vault capable of protecting every form of semiconductor from fire, flood, electromagnetic interference, earthquakes, and even unsuitable humidity levels. Once the inventory is needed, our trained and experienced staff will then pick, pack, and ship the inventory anywhere in the world on a personalized delivery schedule. With this solution alone, an OEM can all but eliminate any possibility of supply chain disruption for as long as their product’s lifecycle lasts. There are no limits in terms of storage length or quantity; we will store any and all electronic components or semiconductors your company needs, for as long as you need them.

Also located within our vault are our specialized desiccant dry cabinets, which are designed to house raw die and wafer used by companies for the assembly of ASICs. Using the latest zeolite-based technologies, our cabinets are capable of maintaining an industry-leading relative humidity of 0.5 percent while allowing handlers to access customer’s inventory 10-12 times per hour.

4. Surplus Recovery

Not even the most accurate projections for inventory needs are enough to eliminate the surplus inventory issue entirely, which occurs when there is still unneeded inventory on hand. Too often, OEMs immediately resort to either a lot bid, where it is commonly sold off at discounts as high as 95 percent, or selling it for scrap.

At Partstat, we can again take advantage of our data analytics to uncover your surplus inventory’s true value. From there, we can then implement our proven marketing strategy that quickly uncovers a market of buyers not just through the 24,000-plus daily searches on Part Search, but anywhere on the Internet across all of the major search engines. In some cases, based on the demand for the component, we have even been known to recover ROI significantly higher than the electronic component’s original value!

In Brief

As you can see, each phase of a component’s lifecycle comes with its own unique challenges and potential disruptions. Focusing on one certainly has benefits, but true business continuity can only be achieved by being diligent during all phases of the cycle, just not at one particular point. It sounds daunting, but all of this can be achieved by an OEM of any size, on any budget, and it can be achieved right here on Partstat.