The Partners Who Make Partstat Possible

By Logan Wamsley

At Partstat, rather than offering simply an electronic component marketplace or a single solution to resolve a specific issue, we have set out to create an analytics-driven platform capable of preserving the entire lifecycle of an OEM product. From inventory procurement through the largest free online search engine for electronic components, to storage and fulfillment, to BOM Monitoring to mitigate obsolescence and allocation issues, to maximizing ROI on surplus inventory, we have made Partstat the industry’s definitive supply chain partner.

But the best illustration of how valued Partstat has become in the electronics manufacturing industry is the list of partners who have chosen to incorporate their inventory into our algorithms. What makes our solutions possible is our ability to offer customers free access to Big Data, which is provided by 50 billion data points compiled from thousands of carefully vetted suppliers. Without them, none of our solutions would be possible.

Below, we have compiled a brief list of a few of the suppliers who have committed to uploading inventory on Partstat, and highlight some of their recent successes:

On June 25, 2019, it was announced that Avnet has been selected for the 2019 SDCE 100 award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine for its many ongoing business process digitization initiatives. “Avnet is committed to delivering an exceptional experience across the product development lifecycle, and advanced technologies like RPA, IIoT and AI are critical to optimize both our internal operations and supply chain engagements with our customers,” said Lynn Torrel, president, Avnet United and Velocity. “The SDCE 100 award demonstrates Avnet’s continued leadership in pushing the boundaries of technology to help our customers, suppliers and partners guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s breakthrough products and services.”

In a major development, as of June 17, 2019, Digi-Key is now proud to offer core GCT product lines including USB, SIM, and memory card conductors. “We are happy to announce our partnership with GCT and offer their standard and custom interconnect products to our global customer base,” said David Stein, Digi-Key’s VP of Global Supplier Management. “Their wide range of PCB interconnect products and experience working with custom designs will be of great benefit to the engineering and design community we serve.”

After hitting a milestone of $1.9 billion in total sales in 2018 and projections to surpass those figures in 2018, Mouser has decided to expand their Dallas distribution center by 125,000 square feet. They will also add an additional 50,000 square-feet office building to their 78-acre headquarters. Upon completion, the center will consist of over 1 million square feet and contain over 1 million unique SKUs from over 750 electronic component manufacturers — all of which can be found on Partstat.

In a move that greatly expands their place in the IoT marketplace, Future Electronics just announced a global partnership with Silvair, a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control. “Given Future’s prominence in the lighting space, Silvair adds an important piece to our overall IoT ecosystem strategy,” said Matthew Rotholz, Vice President of Future Connectivity Solutions, in a press release. “Their world-class platform allows our customers to easily evaluate and implement wireless control features in lighting applications.”

It can never be understated how important the next generation is to the world of electronics. Without them, there is no hope for progress or innovation in our industry. This is why news such as Arrow supporting a The Girl Scouts of Colorado is so heartening to see. In their Centennial headquarters, Arrow hosted a robotics workshop for 20 twenty eager scouts. “We are grateful to all the Arrow employees who gave up a Saturday to help young girls gain hands-on robotics experience and widen their knowledge about STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) careers,” said Aimee Artzer, community partnerships manager at Girl Scouts of Colorado. Arrow employees from a range of departments and business units participated in the event, and they awarded participants with the prestigious “Designing Robots” badge.