The Future of the Automobile

By edx-admin


This article from Jabil takes a look at something that everyone human who lives to 2020 will have to adopt as commonplace. We’re talking about the inevitable submersion into sensors and communications technologies of the automobile industry, and we are only just getting to sticking our toes in.

Stating a predicted market-value of $98 billion by 2018, this inclusion of vehicles into the ever increasingly interconnected world around us is going to change the way we perceive the “auto”mobile. With the recent release of Tesla’s P85D sports car, we have seen the function of a self-driving vehicle demonstrated in a commercially produced model. Less commercial, but a little more flashy is the Mercedes F015 which is re-imagining the automobile into a transportable living space rather than a vehicle with an autopilot function, distancing the driver that much more from responsibilities like steering, accelerating and braking.

Though these developments in automation are taking huge strides, so is the way in which our vehicles communicate with other, creating additional concerns in safety and security. With the technologies being more dependent on internet capabilities than ever, adapting function to protect consumers will be a large market in and of itself.

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