Staying Ahead of Risk with BOM Monitoring

By Logan Wamsley

The goal of any OEM or EMS provider is to identify and mitigate any risk associated with the design and production of their products. While this may be simple to say, what form such risks take can be broad and at times unpredictable; geopolitical uncertainty, unexpected component obsolescence, raw material shortages, and unforeseen externalities, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, all have a significant effect on the electronics manufacturing market. The mark of a successful supply chain is the ability to adapt to whatever challenge the future might hold, but to do so effectively, it is critical to have the right tools that give OEMs and EMS providers the clear, accurate information necessary to make proper decisions.

One such tool is a comprehensive BOM Monitoring platform. With Partstat BOM Monitoring, OEMs and EMS providers have at their disposal over 50 billion data points from thousands of component manufacturers and authorized channel partners, presenting customers an unmatched market view that tracks and sets accurate 12-month benchmarks for component and semiconductor lead times, prices, and inventory quantities. All of this information is presented to customers via intuitive real-time trending charts, an example of which can be seen below:

By viewing month-to-month market trends for each individual component on an uploaded BOM, OEMs and EMS providers can stay ahead of any obsolescence or allocation issues that may arise and pivot their supply chains accordingly through product redesigns, searching for new component suppliers, or last time buys.

Additionally, each customer also has access to a dedicated BOM Specialist via phone or live online chat who is on standby to answer any questions or resolve any conflicts that may arise on an uploaded bill of material.

Upon upload, each bill of material is also accurately priced and put through a Proactive BOM Health Analysis, which looks to uncover why any item may not match a part within Partstat’s ecosystem. Combine these features with downloadable reports, datasheets, access to Partstat’s Rapid RFQ tool that allows OEMs and EMS providers to request quotes from dozens of suppliers at the press of a button, and up to 20 seats per customer, and you have the industry’s most comprehensive BOM monitoring solution available.

The form risk takes for a supply chain cannot always be predicted or accounted for, but the effects such risks have on the market can. And when those effects occur, OEMs and EMS providers will be prepared with the help of Partstat BOM Monitoring.