Partstat Partner Newswire: November 2019

By Logan Wamsley

None of the solutions we offer as the industry’s only complete Electronic Component Lifecycle Platform would be viable without the data we rely on from our partners.

To provide additional value to our customers and keep a pulse on the state of the industry, we offer a brief monthly post that highlights notable news and happenings going on with our valued partners.

Future Electronics Holds Supply Chain Conference at Flagship Distribution Center

On September 10th and 11th in Memphis, Tennessee, over 250 industry professionals gathered to attended Future Electronics’ two-day conference to address the some of the most recent trends seen in the electronics industry. The conference was held at Future’s Memphis Area Distribution Center (MADC), a state-of-the-art facility that allows Future to offer same-day shipments and some of the latest cut-off times in the industry.

“This conference provided our customers with the opportunity to explore ways of managing potential supply chain disruptions, as well as constructive approaches to geopolitical challenges such as tariffs and border issues,” said Tom Galligani, Global Vice President, Supply Chain at Future Electronics, in a press release.

In addition to learning about new supply chain and logistics strategies implemented by suppliers such as TE, Altech, and Kingston, Future itself presented several unique supply chain programs that have helped their customers mitigate industry disruptions and maintain profitability in challenging market conditions. “Our Supply Chain Solutions team really is the differentiator for our customers,” said Galligani, “because they’re free resources our customers can use to improve their efficiencies and overall operational costs.”

Avnet Vice President Wins 2019 “IIoT Leader of the Year Award”

“IIoT Leader of the Year Award” is given out annually by Industrial IoT World, an organization dedicated to bringing hundreds of attendees from around the world together to discuss scaling of the industrial IoT, industry innovations, and digital transformation initiatives made possible through IoT. Their conferences include the IoT Security Summit, Smart Cities Summit, and the IoT World Conference and Expo, the largest IoT event in North America.

The award, according to the Industrial IoT World website, “recognizes individual executives, whose outstanding leadership has resulted in the implementation and success of Industrial IoT in their businesses and beyond.”

This year, this prestigious award goes to Lou Lutostanki, VP, IoT at Avnet.

“Lou enables entrepreneurs, startups, leading technology OEMs and other IoT innovators to bring IoT solutions to market. With 30 years of industry experience he knows how to help guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology.”

We at Partstat congratulate Lutostanki on his fantastic achievement, and we look forward to many more years of shared success with Avnet.

Grant Imahara Explores Prototype Design in Mouser’s Latest “Empowering Innovation Together” Video

In October, Mouser Electronics and their celebrity engineer Grant Imahara released the next iteration of their award-winning “Empowering Innovation Together” video program, now in its fifth season. This video is the second part of a four-part series called “Engineering Big Ideas,” where Imahara embarks on an adventure to uncover the inner workings of the innovation process from start to finish.

In this episode, Imahara travels to Milan, Italy to visit Arduino, one of the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystems. With the help of Arduino co-founder and CTO Massimo Banzi, he examines the prototyping tools designers and developers use to understand and articulate the capabilities and limits of an idea, while also exploring how open-source movement contributes to the accessibility of innovation.

“We are excited about this second episode of Engineering Big Ideas. Prototype design is meant to create something completely new,” said Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Mouser Electronics in a press release. “Through open source hardware and software, companies like Arduino present significant opportunity to designers and developers by removing barriers and opening gates to innovation.”

Digi-Key President and CEO Receives ECIA North Star Award

The North Star Award, given annually by the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) is named to reflect extraordinary leadership, guidance, and perseverance within the industry. The award recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to the industry over the course of their careers.

This year, ECIA presented this prestigious award to Dave Doherty, Digi-Key President and CEO, at their annual Executive Conference in Chicago.
“I believe in osmosis; that if I surround myself with smart, high-quality individuals, then perhaps a little will rub off,” said Doherty in a press release. “My participation in NEDA and ECIA has been osmosis on steroids, getting the chance to work with and learn from such high-quality people in the industry from the beginning. It’s been a true privilege to participate in the association at the level that I have.”

“Dave’s contributions to the industry are unmatched and very appreciated,” said Bill Bradford, CEO of ECIA. “We thank him for his guidance in our industry and the association. His honesty, integrity and knowledge have been an enormous asset for the association over the years.”

Partstat would like to congratulate Doherty on his incredible achievement, and we wish him continued success in his role at Digi-Key for many years to come.