Partstat Partner Newswire: January 2020

By Logan Wamsley

Mouser Releases Ebook on Robotics in Collaboration with TE Connectivity

Mouser Electronics, in collaboration with TE Connectivity, has announced via press release a new eBook designed to inform engineers and other industry professionals about the various functions and applications of industrial robotics.

Titled Solutions for Robots and Robot Control, the eBook collects articles and thought leadership from some of the brightest minds at Mouser and TE. Topics covered include Internet of Things (IoT) and the various implications of it, product information on the latest innovations from Mouser and TE, industrial automation, digital transformation, and the evolving collaborative link between technology and humanity. Additionally, the book provides readers detailed guides for several different conductor families.

The eBook can be downloaded directly from Mouser’s website here.

Digi-Key Named “Top Ten Distributor” by HC360

At the 2019 China Internet of Things Industry Conference & Awards Ceremony, Digi-Key Electronics was named a top 10 distributor by the users of The award was created through a collaboration between HuiCong Electronics and HuiCong IoT websites, representing a combination of market research and a panel of industry-leading judges. This is the second year in a row Digi-Key has received the award.

“We are fully committed to the China market,” said Tony Ng, vice president, global sales for Digi-Key. On top of the non-stop increasing product selections, we continue to invest in local customer services and product delivery. Supporting local engineering demand and innovation are critical to our continued success in the country.”

“We are pleased to include Digi-Key in this group of top distributors,” said Suyu Yu, HuiCong Electronics assistant general manager. “They are in fine company among other top distributors in our region, and we look forward to great things to come from them.”

Texas Instruments CEO Signals New Richardson Plant May Be Open in 2021

According to Texas Instruments CEO Rich Templeton, the long-promised new $3.1 billion plant in Richardson, TX may be finally coming to fruition by late 2021.

“We’ll get going on the building later in 2020 – make sure we have that thing being available, I don’t know, sometime late ’21,” Templeton said at an investor conference hosted by Credit Suisse. “I think that will be in plenty of time, depending on what range of assumptions you make on the market.”

Construction has already begun on an adjacent parking garage, which many analysts have noted as being a positive step forward.

“The reason you got to get the parking garage built is the new fab is going to go where the parking lot is,” said Templeton. “You got to get one done before you can start the other.”

Despite various options to create a new facility outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Texas Instruments has remained committed to remaining in and supporting the area. According to Kyle Flessner, senior vice president of TI’s Technology & Manufacturing Group, Richardson was handpicked because of “its access to talent, an existing supplier base and multiple airports, as well as operational efficiencies due to the close proximity of the new facility to our existing Richardson factory.”

Arrow Sponsors Five Scholarships for Tanzanian Youth

As part of the holiday season, Arrow Electronics launched an initiative to provide five orphans in the Kilimanjaro region scholarships to DigiTruck, a mobile classroom sponsored by the nonprofit NEEMA International dedicated to promoting remedial learning of Tanzanian youth between 14 and 20.

Attending DigiTruck is competitive and placement is extremely limited, despite the need for educational opportunities in the region. 64 percent of Tanzania’s 55.57 million people are under the age of 24, and secondary school enrollment rates are less than 50 percent.

To fund the scholarships, Arrow matched the sales of over 100 tote bags crafted by Tanzanian women. The drive was also part of a larger employee-based giving campaign that benefitted a range of projects and programs in other regions and continents.

The DigiTruck curriculum focuses on English literacy, STEM concepts, and life skills, which together give adolescents the intellectual toolboxes needed to return to school. Many Digitruck graduates go on to Kilimahewa, a remedial school in the Kilimanjaro region supported by the nonprofit Education Empowerment.

“At Arrow, we are proudest of our people, who come from diverse communities around the world,” said Chief Marketing Officer Victor Gao. “It’s our privilege and inspiration to see our people giving back to their communities while doing their bit to strengthen the communities of others around the globe.”