Partstat Partner Newswire: February 2020

By Logan Wamsley

Mouser Releases Finale to “Engineering Big Ideas” Series

Empowering Innovation Together, the award-winning video program from Mouser Electronics, released the final episode of its Engineering Big Ideas Series. In this edition, host Grant Imahara goes behind the scenes at Valley Service Electronics, a contract manufacturer who specializes in custom circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).

“Manufacturing is often one of the last and most important stops on the electronic design engineer’s journey to product creation,” said Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Mouser in a press release. “In order to push products through to the finish line, it is essential for product engineers to be on the lookout for any red flags when selecting components for their products and then when choosing the right manufacturing partner.”

Empowering Innovation Together has been one of the most recognized and notable electronic component marketing programs since its first episode in 2015. It has continued to highlight a range of innovative developments from IoT to smart cities to innovative robotics technologies.

Digi-Key Becomes Diamond-Level Supporter for the 2020 FIRST® Robotics Competition

For the eighth consecutive year, Digi-Key will sponsor the FIRST Robotics Competition. This honor includes supplying nearly 4,000 official parts kits, as well as providing a $50 voucher to Digi-Key’s website. Digi-Key also provided a special landing page where students in the competition can redeem their vouchers.

“Digi-Key is proud to support FIRST and help encourage students’ excitement around engineering,” said Y.C. Wang, Director, Global Academic Program in a press release. “It is a privilege to help guide the potential career paths of students wanting to pursue jobs in technology and engineering, and we are particularly excited about this year’s theme surrounding renewable energy sources.”

By working with adult mentors, including Digi-Key employees, FIRST Robotics Competition participants will have a limited time to design, build, program, and test newly designed robots to meet the season’s challenge, which this year is building a new metropolis powered by renewable energy.

Arrow and Microchip Announce IoT Security Partnership

Arrow Electronics and Microchip have announced a collaboration that will combine their resources to improve connectivity and security across various smart building and energy markets around the country.

According to the agreement, Arrow will augment Microchip’s smart portfolio with engineering services so OEMs can decrease their lead times and meet requirements outlined by recent government legislation and NIST IoT security guidelines. The first platform to receive the benefits of this collaboration is Microchip’s Shield96, which enables OEMs to incorporate greater security into their reference designs.

“Technology, pervasively, is embedded in everything. Every industry and every system is being fundamentally shaped by connected edge technology — it is happening in our homes, our work and our factories,” said Mitch Little, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Client Engagement at Microchip Technology. “These intelligent edge systems are running fundamental and critical executions, and they must be secure.”

David West, Senior Vice President at Arrow, agrees. “OEMs are embracing engineering service collaboration so that they can augment internal work teams to tackle new technology integration and reduce risk in areas of certification and compliance,” he said. “Edge device and edge compute applications and systems must now be secured from the sensory layer all the way to the enterprise.”

Future Announces Franchise Agreement with El Sensor

Future Electronics has announced a new global franchise agreement with component manufacturer El Sensor. Under the agreement, Future will offer a variety of El Sensor products including NTC thermistors, resistance temperature detectors, thermistor probes, and RTD probes through their website.

“We are very pleased to be adding EI Sensor Technologies to our most complete Passive line card in the industry,” said Jacques Hing, Corporate Vice President Marketing at Future Electronics in a press release. “As the world’s leading Passive distributor, we are always striving to exceed our customers’ needs. With this new global partnership with EI Sensor Technologies, we are confident that we will continue delighting our customers worldwide with industry-leading manufacturers.”

“We are very excited to partner globally with Future Electronics,” said Rodney Magsanide, Vice President of Sales at El Sensor. “Their long history and outstanding reputation in the electronics industry will play a key role in EI Sensor’s growth strategy moving forward.”