Nantero Receives More Funding For Nano-Memory

By Dan Crippen


After 13 years of working on their NRAM technology, Nantero has received another bit of funding to (hopefully) bring their innovation to market. What they are looking to accomplish is a commercial nanotechnology that will allow for more efficient storage of memory in the increasingly smaller gadgets of today. So far they have licensed their current breakthroughs bringing in revenue of $50 million based on progress made during research contracts. For a while they were working with the US government but they sold that division of their business in an effort to maintain their focus on commercial memory solutions.

The overall perspective on their technology seems to be an anxious anticipation,since they are confident that their product will create significant market disruption. It is to be expected that the big players in the sector will not take this very serious and largely foreshadowed threat lightly, but either way this is definitely a company to watch.

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