L3Harris Continues Efforts to Provide COVID-19 Relief

By Logan Wamsley

Although recent news suggests a vaccine may be on the horizon, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a significant threat to vast swaths of the population, especially those deemed most vulnerable. Relief for these groups quite often falls to the abilities of charitable nonprofit organizations, who in this unpreceded time, are seeing their resources severely strained.

Thankfully, companies such as L3Harris Technologies are stepping up to the plate to help these organizations make ends meet in their time of need. For example, L3Harris recently gave a variety of “social impact grants” to different organizations around the country who provide food, veteran aid, and student mentorship programs. According to L3Harris, over $2 million has been provided thus far and distributed across 19 states.

This is only the latest act of giving from L3Harris; additionally, they have provided more than $450 million in accelerated payments to small business suppliers in 45 states to sustain the nation’s supply chain. Company employees have also been regularly volunteering to provide respirators, free communications apps, and STEM-oriented “Tech in 10” videos for students. Back in April, L3Harris also announced plans to contribute funds to COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funds administered by local United Way agencies and the American Red Cross, including providing a 2x match for any designated donation to these organizations offered by an employee.

“The pandemic has placed a tremendous strain on all facets of our society,” said L3Harris Chariman and CEO William M. Brown in a press release. “The L3Harris social impact grants will help provide some relief to those most in need – especially students, parents, communities and small businesses in areas where our employees work and live.”