Inventory Recapitalization

By Dan Crippen

Cardboard boxes on pallet

Inventory Recapitalization

The purpose of this program is to convert inventory into utilizable capital. Partstat will purchase existing inventory and arrange for the inventory to be shipped to one of our global fulfillment warehouses for future deliveries. There are many costs associated with carrying additional inventory such as:

  • Inventory financing charges
  • Opportunity costs
  • Inventory insurance and taxes
  • Material handling expenses
  • Warehouse overhead
  • Inventory control and cycle counting
  • Inventory shrink, damage and obsolescence

What our program will do is:

  • Reclaim your capital
  • Remove inventory from your balance sheet
  • Budget cash flow over multiple years (up to 10 years)
  • Global fulfillment capabilities
  • Receive Consumption and Inventory Analysis Reports
  • Save on carrying cost

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