GE Audit Approves Partstat for Holding Last Time Buy Inventory

By Logan Wamsley

With their reputation as of one of the world’s premier tech innovators to uphold, GE holds its supply chain partners to the same level of accountability it holds itself to. This is especially true with regards to the sourcing of the electronic components, which are responsible for powering the GE products customers around the world have come to depend on.

Recently, Partstat proved to their long-time customer that not only are they a leader in their industry, but they also continue to expand, improve, and refine their processes to meet even the most demanding supply chain challenges.

Such an opportunity arose as part of an audit conducted by a GE quality engineer to assess Partstat’s ability to outline purchasing controls and testing/inspection processes, implement corrective and preventive actions as needed, and adhere to strict customer requirements. The engineer also worked to evaluate Partstat’s capability to document and maintain detailed records in accordance with ISO:9001 and their own outlined procedures and specifications.

According to the engineer, Partstat’s offerings were more than worthy of GE’s association. “Based on the information gathered,” they wrote, Partstat passed this audit.”

The engineer also took additional time to highlight Partstat’s ability to adapt accordingly based on the ever-evolving industrial marketplace, writing, “Partstat has good ideas for continuous improvement and manages Purchasing Controls based on risk (OEM-sourced versus non-OEM).”

As OEMs and EMS providers continue to struggle to create comprehensive obsolescence management strategies for end-of-life components, semiconductors, and peripheral products, Partstat has worked to stay ahead of the curve by introducing one-of-a-kind Last Time Buy Solutions and Custom Storage & Fulfillment Solutions.

Together, these solutions can quickly turn obsolescence into a deflationary issue and keep customers such as GE on track to deliver innovative, quality products to consumers in healthcare, renewable energy, lighting, aviation, and transportation sectors for decades to come.