Partstat Completes Last Time Buy on Behalf of Philips

By Michael Stratton

When it comes to completing Last Time Buys necessary for the manufacturing of revolutionary products, Partstat once again proved they are the definitive supply chain partner.

This time, it was Philips who required assistance with the fulfillment of a vital LTB.

When a future mother looks at a monitor to see a representation their unborn child for the first time, there is a good chance that Philips Ultrasound is behind the technology responsible. Every year, thousands of doctors around the world trust Phillips Ultrasound to provide industry-leading ultrasonography equipment that helps new mothers, fathers, and many other types of patients prepare for the future.

To create this equipment, OEMs like Philips will partner with quality component manufactures such as HP who share their values, drive, and commitment to innovation. The results of these partnerships are often game-changing, but the lifecycle mismatch between OEM and OCM products can sometimes cause friction between the two. Factor in the storage and fulfillment costs OEMs must pay if they lack the proper infrastructure to maintain large-scale LTB inventories, and profit margins can quickly fall into the red.

LTB management, for better or worse, is a reality of manufacturing in the 21st century – and the role Partstat plays in the supply chain cycle will become more valuable than ever in the coming years.

With unlimited purchasing power and the ability to design a flexible fulfillment schedule that can accelerate or decelerate based on demand, no LTB is too large or unmanageable for Partstat. Our Last Time Buy Solutions not only ensure lifecycle discrepancies between OEM and OCM products remain manageable, but ensure that working capital normally required to pay for 5-10 years of inventory upfront can remain off balance sheets – and in our partners’ businesses where it belongs.

Without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars of today’s working capital for tomorrow’s downstream revenue, we give manufacturers in all industries the business continuity necessary to innovate and grow. Phillips Ultrasound is just one of the many companies that have discovered these benefits – and for at least another product lifestyle, their revenue stream is secure thanks to Partstat.