Partstat Program Overview

By Dan Crippen


Last Time Buy Program

This is one of Partstat’s largest and most successful programs, offering the best less-stress solutions in the industry for handling EOL occurrences. No company looks forward to the time in which the components they are using will become obsolete, necessitating redesign and putting extreme strain on the budget, deadlines and overhead functions. What we do is we quite literally buy you time by conducting the LTB purchase for you (up to 10 years of inventory) directly from the manufacturer with a transferred warranty, we take the shipment to one of our ISO9001:2008/AS9120A certified warehouses and we will fulfill to you as needed. With this strategy we are even able to negotiate potentially lower prices of components, making the LTB situation not only manageable but profitable as well.

Inventory Recapitalization Program

In an attempt to create a new advantage in a crowded market, Partstat put together the inventory recap system which is just what it sounds like, turning your company’s inventory into cash on-hand that you can use to further your business. We will be more than happy to ship this inventory back to you as needed, so that way you can maintain normal operations without encumbering your supply chain with slow-moving parts and burdensome overhead costs. The inventory will be shipped from one of our ISO9001:2008/AS9120A certified warehouses.

Power Purchase Program

Purchasing power is critically important to the profitability of a business. Often times if a company finds that they are unable to fund the right sized transaction, then they are simply unable to venture down that path or it significantly impacts their bottom line. Therefore it is our goal to provide those organizations who may be struggling to achieve a quantity discount the pricing leverage they need to actualize a greater return. With our help the minimum amount will never be a concern and we will be maximizing your profits in the process.


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