Benefits of a Free Electronic Component Search Engine

By Logan Wamsley

While we all love to read the word “free” and take advantage of whatever service or product is being offered, we have also grown to view the term with a degree of skepticism. By virtue of us offering the world’s largest free electronic component search engine, this is a skepticism we are used to seeing.

Too often, free is not used with the meaning consumers assume it does; what may be “free” in terms of upfront costs may also come with limited or locked features, a subscription fee, or additional hidden costs that may not be readily apparent.

This article is designed to address any reservations those investigating Part Search, the largest, most intelligent free search engine for electronic components, semiconductors, and computer products, may have. Free, in this context, is entirely justified in its usage; after registering for a free account, OEMs will have instant access to Part Search’s intuitive dashboard and the ability to search for, view, and purchase electronic inventory from 1000s of authorized suppliers.

But this description simply highlights the basics. Another common association with “free” is that what is being offered is the simplest, most Spartan iteration of the product or service. A free oil change is not going to include a premium synthetic oil blend, for example, just as a free sit-down dinner is not going to offer you lobster and filet mignon.

Part Search users, by contrast, have full access to all the Partstat platform has to offer. Not only are each of Part Search’s features invaluable to any OEM who wishes to optimize their supply chain, but many are entirely unique to the industry and can only be found here.

A couple of these unique features that are available right from the get-go include:

Free Real-Time Trending Charts

The engine that fuels the world’s largest free electronic component search engine is our Big Data, which consists of over 50 billion points of Big Data derived from the inventories of our uploaders. Our advanced algorithms aggregate this data so users have a clear picture of the state of the market for any individual component on a bill of material, as demonstrated below.

Access to this type of data on its own from other providers can cost OEMs thousands of dollars, and even once the data is in hand, it still falls to the OEM to analyze it. Part Search takes a different direction by using a series of complex algorithms to illustrate the data through a series of intuitive trending charts. With the click of a button, users can view multiple years of historical data including average component lead times, inventory quantities, part status (active, on allocation, obsolete, etc.), and inventory price up to the present moment in a real-time model. This allows OEMs to quickly analyze trends to determine if an order needs to be made before lead times or prices rise, if inventory quantities indicate an industry-wide shortage is on the horizon, if the prices they are agreeing to are at or below average market value, and much more. And, as a free electronic component search engine, these charts can be easily shared among teams through a single account.

Free Rapid RFQs

Once a direction has been determined by the OEM, Part Search also allows users to instantly connect with thousands of authorized distributors simultaneously through our free Rapid RFQ system. With a single click, all users have the ability to request a quote from each supplier who has the inventory in question in stock. To further streamline the process, all responses and further supplier discussions are saved and stored directly on the user dashboard and can be accessed at any time. Users can also use these RFQs to view supplier profiles, scores, line cards, and even directly access supplier shopping carts for a seamless purchasing experience.

These benefits only scratch the surface of what Part Search offers users, and no feature is locked behind a paywall or comes with additional strings or catches. “Free” means exactly what it is supposed to mean, and through the world’s largest free electronic component search engine, OEMs across the world have been able to support their products at a level that was previously not possible without investing thousands of dollars. Register for your free account today and try it out for yourself!