Alcoa Provides Support for COVID-19 Relief Efforts Worldwide

By Logan Wamsley

Alcoa, the world’s eighth largest producer of aluminum and valued Partstat customer, has been extremely active in its efforts to serve both its local community and communities around the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through its foundation, Alcoa has pledged over $1 million to support COVID-19 relief efforts throughout the areas in which the company operates. Additionally, the foundation has committed almost $3 million in grants to local communities in support of various humanitarian aid projects that provide medical supplies, equipment, and food. According to Alcoa, 61% of grant recipients will use the funds to address food insecurity, especially for populations particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 complications, while the remainder will support programs that provide emergency relief funds, mental health and counseling resources, and job and housing insecurity issues.

As of today, there are 21 not-for-profit organizations receiving a COVID-19-related relief aid grant by the Alcoa Foundation, representing 23 communities throughout seven countries for a total population count of approximately 3 million people.

One example of such initiatives can be found in Australia, where Alcoa has teamed up with Anglicare and Food Bank to help local communities access critical health services in these trying times. “Many people are finding for the first time in their life they need help having asked for it,” said Alcoa Australia President Michael Golischewski. “So it’s really important that we provide practical help without delays or difficulties.”

“We know that there are [a] growing number of people doing it particularly tough at the moment,” said Foodbank WA Chief Executive Officer Greg Hebble. “We’re really excited to be collaborating with Alcoa, Anglicare WA and other local organizations to step up our emergency food relief efforts and provide essential food and groceries to those most in need.”

In addition to these efforts, Alcoa has also taken significant steps to protect its own workforce. “Our most important objective is the health and safety of our global workforce, said Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roy Harvey in the company’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders in May. “We have implemented comprehensive measures to minimize the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus across all our facilities, instituting protocols that align with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and other public health authorities. . . These measures not only keep our people and communities safe but have also made it possible for all of Alcoa’s bauxite mines, alumina refineries, and aluminum smelters to remain in operation throughout this pandemic.”

Several months in, the full extent of the COVID-19 pandemic is still not fully known, and organizations are still unclear of just how long its effects will linger. But as long as companies such as Alcoa continue to support their communities through various relief efforts, we will persevere.