Contract Electronics Manufacturers: Free Up Your Cash Flow With Partstat

By Logan Wamsley

Contract electronics manufacturers, especially in today’s environment, struggle with cash flow issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the need for businesses to free up what limited capital they have on hand to not just meet their production goals, but to implement critical safety measures to keep their employees safe. “[I]n a time like this,…

Partstat FAQ for Contract Manufacturers

By Logan Wamsley

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are not the only entities who benefit from the many solutions offered by Partstat. When leveraging Partstat solutions, contract manufacturers are poised to see significant improvement in their own processes and in relationships with OEMs. To help illustrate this, we have compiled a brief list of frequently asked questions we’ve received…

Partstat LTB: Less-Stress Solutions

By Dan Crippen—9SE We finance and fulfill Last Time Buys and recapitalize existing inventory: As low as 5% per year 10 year terms available Multiple warehouses Support global footprint Climate controlled warehouses ISO9001-2008 : AS9120A Certified Lock in your profits and secure your designs. For more information, click here-> Partstat Last Time Buy Program

LTB: Lynda’s Last Worry

By Dan Crippen

The Partstat Last Time Buy Program: Preserves capital Allows cash flow budgeting over multiple years Saves warehousing, administrative and logistics costs Favorable balance sheet treatment (supply agreement vs. liability) Eliminates lead time Guarantees the cost of components over multiple years Secures the inventory for production and service over multiple years Improves delivery and service reputation…

Last Time Buy Program

By Dan Crippen

  Today we would like to take the opportunity to take a closer look at one of our excellent programs set up to benefit OEMs, CEMs and OCMs. The program we want to examine a bit deeper is the Last Time Buy Program, which allows for the acquisition of an appropriate quantity of inventory to…