Snapdragon Success

By Dan Crippen


When you pick up your smart phone you don’t typically consider what goes into making it work, all that matters is that it functions well and has some speed to it. Well Qualcomm’s latest development will help you drastically increase both speed and power efficiency, so it may be time to start paying attention to what’s inside of your device.

The innovation that we are talking about is the Snapdragon 820. For those who do not know,  the Snapdragon family is a series of SoC (System on Chip) components that have played a big role in the latest powerful mobile platforms. There are 3 different processing units crammed onto the 820 that allow it to achieve capabilities that are double those of the previous model, the Snapdragon 810. Similar to economics specialization is key here, so the work load is split up between the central processor (CPU), the graphics processor (GPU) and the data signal processor (DSP).

Helping to push forward Moore’s Law, this advancement comes less than 1 year after the release of Snapdragon 810.

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