List Your Inventory FAQ

By Logan Wamsley

The power of Partstat’s Big Data comes primarily from the data provided by the global authorized resellers that choose to upload their inventory to our platform. Today, our online electronic component platform is powered by data from thousands of manufacturers and authorized distributors who upload their inventory to Partstat, where it can easily be viewed in any of our 30,000+ daily searches. Also, as a free electronic component marketplace with no paywalls or barriers, each component uploaded will rank on all of the major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

To aid authorized resellers who have an interest in becoming a Partstat uploader, we have compiled a brief FAQ that covers some of the most common questions we receive about the process:

Is there a vetting process that must be completed before upload?

Yes. Before we approve a seller to upload, the Partstat team must complete a thorough review of the seller’s inventory and processes to ensure they reflect the same high standard of reliability and transparency our users expect. While the length of the process can vary, potential uploaders can expect our review to take at least a few days.

What additional features do Partstat uploaders have access to?

Partstat uploaders are automatically enrolled into the Partstat RFQ system, where they will be instantly notified when a request is made by a potential buyer. Then, from their online dashboard, distributors are invited to connect directly with the buyer (either through direct messaging or full Skype integration) to negotiate pricing. Additionally, like all Partstat users, each uploader will have free unlimited access to all of our Big Data, which accurately gauges the market status for your inventory in a real-time model. The automatically generated trending charts on each component include information such as quantities, average market price, and factory lead times, all of which can be invaluable in accurately pricing your inventory to achieve maximum ROI on our platform.

How are Partstat rankings determined?

The algorithm that determines the search results of an inquiry is designed around numerous criteria including seller certifications and designations (ISO-certified, authorized, etc.), as well as their Partstat ranking. This ranking is given by past customers who have verified that the inventory listed on the platform is indeed the inventory the seller has on hand. In addition to encouraging overall transparency, this system also discourages the traditional practice of sellers listing inaccurate inventory quantities in the hope of connecting with more buyers. One- or two-star rankings will decrease the seller’s visibility on our platform, while five stars will help them rise to the top of the first page.

Can you upload photos of the inventory?

Yes! All uploaders are encouraged to upload photos, YouTube videos, or anything else that may help market your inventory on our platform and stand out from the competition.

How often can our company upload inventory?

There are no restrictions regarding how much inventory is uploaded or how often. However, we do encourage our uploaders to keep their inventory as up-to-date as possible.

How can we become a Partstat uploader?

After registering for a free Partstat account, send a spreadsheet of your inventory to formatted per our guidelines and example spreadsheet which can be found here. Please include your company name, website address, sales contact name/email address, physical address, phone number, logo, and the manufacturers for which you are an authorized reseller (or a link to them on your website) so that we can create your supplier account, and one of our Data Upload team members will be in touch!