Honey I Shrunk the Chip

By Dan Crippen


As innovation in technology continues to shrink devices that are more powerful than their predecessors, Moore’s Law remains a constant. Moore’s Law state that every two years computers computers end up doubling in processing power, and IBM is looking to ensure it’s survival.

With much of the excitement about semiconductors starting to subside and industry developments becoming more centralized there has recently been a rise in the suggestion that Moore’s Law may be coming to its end. Prior to the latest development in semiconductors, researchers were worried that science may not be able to keep up with the expectation for smaller, faster and more accurate devices. Thankfully IBM was not about to let us down, already owning the world’s most powerful computer and most recently creating a 7nm chip effectively condensing the last standard of 10nm. With this breakthrough coming about over the past few weeks, the electronics sector should be good to grow for at least the next two years of Moore’s Law.

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